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When an adult makes a gift to a minor under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (or Uninform Gifts to Minors Act in South Carolina and Vermont) these funds are considered irrevocable. Once deposited, the funds belong to the minor and the custodian is responsible for ensuring that these funds are used only for the benefit of the minor. This means that once the child has reached the age of majority (21 in some states and 18 in others), they are then able to liquidate the UTMA accounts and use the proceeds as they deem appropriate.

If the firm consistently reports growth on its income statement, but has negative cash flow, it may be lacking the ability to translate its growth into cash. These firms are more likely to face liquidity problems, or even default on their short term liabilities. If the firm consistently reports operating cash flow that is greater than its net income, it may be gaining momentum in revenues..

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Dr. Tabarrok believes that the answer may be found in a system of subsidies for students who choose the top college majors translating into a top earnings potential. At the same time, the educator faults academia for overselling a generic college education or one that is preparing learners for fiscally precarious fields..

First things first, iOS 4 will work on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and new generation of iPod Touch. However, some major features will not be supported by both the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Sadly, these major features happen to be multi tasking and folders for apps.

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