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I'd like to be able to give my own thoughts with a handful of Napoleon movies, but We believe a few words with regards to the well-liked understanding connected with Napoleon come in order very first. The saying that 'history is constantly written by way of the victors' might be exemplified in the case regarding Napoleon Bonaparte better compared to most other prominent numbers. The Napoleonic Wars, although they involved numerous locations and spanned two years, were being basically a struggle in between The uk and People from france writ substantial. Of course we all know that will Napoleon's France was not necessarily the victor after often the Battle of Waterloo and even that England was. Hence we have the skewed fantastic version put out simply by the particular English that has been perpetuated and handed down through typically the many years. Napoleon is not necessarily the only figure that has suffered under this variety of bad historicity, yet he is surely an excellent example.

Napoleon's Detractors
The much-maligned shape involving Napoleon Bonaparte possesses experienced countless assaults within the last two centuries from fair historians who, when bringing up the name, fall back in the standard description of the guy as a small ogre who was bent with the destruction involving The european countries. Such a myopic watch of Napoleon was obviously promulgated by his key enemies during and subsequent to typically the Napoleonic Wars -- Often the English. So, the idea isn't unusual that most Americans, Englishmen, Canadians, Australians, and anyone else that speaks English consider this summation of Bonaparte to be true. A new much a great deal more well balanced view of the particular man lies within the particular histories written consist of different languages, most notably French. To make certain, over the years Napoleon offers also basked in typically the adulation of leading man worshipers who are just as polarized. But in average it is depressing concepts that lurk generally in most individuals minds when Napoleon is definitely mentioned. I actually pin the consequence on this specific on bad historians plus writers who else now have perpetuated fallacies with their rational laziness. Oh…how the silliness abounds!

My Favourite Napoleon Movies
ALRIGHT, seeing that my scathing caricature in opposition to all detractors connected with Napoleon is complete Factors . move on to my list associated with the best films concerning Napoleon.

1. Waterloo (1970) - This gem stone involving a movie features Fly fishing rod Steiger in the purpose associated with Napoleon and Captain christopher Plummer as Wellington. This film's two hour therapy of often the Battle involving Waterloo is commonly good, though I would personally have loved it a great deal more had the particular introductory fights of Qautre Bras and Ligny already been included. This battle scenes are pretty spectacular thinking of the simple fact the fact that none of the idea is personal computer generated, all of those people uniforms walking in line around will be really there! I do think that will Steiger's part while Napoleon is well done in the event one recognizes that they was portraying the male on that will day of battle, every day which almost all scholars consider he has been not his normal personal. If one requires Steiger's role as an precise portrayal of Napoleon on the whole I think that would likely be a disservice to the emperor and this actor or actress. In addition, in respect to what I actually realize of the Duke connected with Wellington, Plummer's portrayal involving the man is inactive on.

Waterloo Acquire Now

2. A few Action Movies That Should have a Sequel (2001) instructions I'd have to concur with an Amazon . com evaluation about this video rapid 'Alternative history and unique imagination make comfy bedfellows'. It is a new extremely authentic Bonaparte flick together with great sets and fine working. This was Ian Holm's second time getting cast in the function of Bonaparte and his / her appears help him yank it off. I actually may know if the irascible in addition to impatient elements of which Barrenholm displays in the character happen to be due to his interpretation connected with Napoleon or because that is precisely what the representative wanted your pet to represent. But, it isn't seriously a fair image in the man and this make a difference get a little annoying at times because it helps to perpetuate the inaccurate perception that Napoleon had been simply a petulant, ranting, and importunate megalomaniac.

Household Movies That Even Men and women Love . Napoleon TELEVISION series (2002) - This was the very good portrayal involving Napoleon Bonaparte. Roscoe Clavier has obviously researched Napoleon thoroughly; his enjoying associated with the man doesn't experience at all from often the typical banality, but is usually instead some sort of highly fully developed rendering associated with his area of interest. The video is in times past accurate and provide the viewer a new even more complete picture of the male than most films accomplish. All of us see, not only his wizard as a government arranger, but also his capabilities as a legislator together with emperor, as a mate of the arts and even tradition, and as a good father together with husband. Because a historian If only many more emphasis was worn out other parts of often the Napoleonic account, but I actually understand that working moment limits the home and even writer. This has an just about all star supporting solid to help boot - Isabella Rossellini, Steve Malkovich, and Gerard Depardieu.

Napoleon TV sequence

4. Napoleon (1927 & 1955) instructions Of course I can't leave out these two vintage movies of the very same subject. For the greatest time these folks were considered THIS CLASSIC Napoleon motion pictures. Often the earlier is some sort of quiet film that was re-done by Coppola in this earlier 80's with the addition of a good film score. Nonetheless this has been undergoing legitimate battles for years plus is devilishly difficult in order to find, so I never have found it yet. We consist of it because connected with the universal acclaim the fact that it has received over the years. The greater new I have seen and still enjoy watching at instances, nevertheless We must declare the fact that cinematics of modern day motion pictures is usually more appealing and is conspiring to force this one towards the back of my DVD corner. Nonetheless the acting can be great, it is an accurate account of the major occasions of the Napoleonic storyline, and it definitely merits to be in the archives regarding any true fan regarding Napoleon.

Napoleon: The Epic Life of a good Superior France Leader Buy Right now 5 various. Monsieur Some remarkable. (2003) instructions Well, I've saved the perfect for last. Involving all the function motion pictures and bit components that will have portrayed Napoleon Bonaparte none compares to Philippe Torreton's amazing and artful object rendering of the man. In one inhale this individual shows us the stern, calculating, and clever Bonaparte, while in the very so next they exposes this caring, kind, and forgiving characteristics of the guy. He blends and intermingles these opposing traits hence well that the viewer can begin to notice Napoleon since the human of which he or she seemed to be rather in comparison with as some distant renowned figure. Torreton also displays Napoleon's "penetrating presence" and so very perfectly. If a person want a correct image of the man, then you definately must watch this motion picture; Torrenton is Napoleon within the flesh. The audience must be mindful that the character types and setting are most factual, but the piece of land is make believe. However, this is a interesting account, showcasing a significantly speculated upon concept with regards to Napoleon's possible escape through relégation and disappearance in the US. We have never bought that will concept because I don't believe typically the evidence supports this, but as Napoleon points out within the movie - persons WANT to believe simply about anything...

Great adult men are certainly not without faults, but not are they without impressive attributes of which caused them to go up to such heights.

Chriatian N.
Desiree (Full Duration. 110 Minutes. 1954. Original Englsih. English and Chinese language Subtitle. Marlon Brando, Blue jean Simmons, Merle Oberon) Purchase Now Further Napoleon Films
The following are the few remaining movies involving note that I include still to see. I actually especially anticipate watching Napoleon & Myself, starring the particular talented Daniel Auteuil and even the heavenly Monica Bellucci.

Maria in addition to Napoleon (1966)

Desiree (1954)

Eagle in a Cage (1972)

Napoleon and Me (2006)

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sendingSaloon Singer

6 decades ago

Our personal favorite Napoleon is usually Brando's in Desiree. While Laurence Olivier himself discovered, 'Brando was the ideal Napoleon because like Napoleon he is some sort of wizard. And I think that takes the genius to help play a master. ' By genius We trust he meant the opportunity to remedy a problem in a unique way that astounds people because it totally alters each of our perception of the problem as well as how to solve that.


6 many years ago

Trying to find researching this hub for the reason in order to find a motion picture acted simply by. (I'm certainly not guaranteed which exactly, nevertheless 1 of them should/is to be able to be the one. ) Possibly "Bob Hoskins" "Anthony Hoskins" or "Anthony Hopkins". What I need is, the particular title of a napoleonic film served by one of these simple actors. I appreciate this if answered.



7 years earlier

The best films about Napol�on are Christian N, Napoleon t. sixth v. series, Abel Gance Napol�on and Austerlitz, Napoleon PBS home video. I won't like Waterloo, Blucher can be the hero with the battle not Wellington. This Guitrys movie have quite a few mystakes. I have see Emperor`s new clothes, the wrost movie about Napol�on ever made. If you want for you to lurn about Napol�on, reed Max Gallo group of books Napol�on and Benjamin Weider Murder at St-helena


7 years before

What is the name of the movie exactly where Napoleon fake pictures his demise, has a people who also looks identical to him stay in exile, even though the real Napoleon returns to Paris as some sort of commoner, hoping to one particular day reveal their probably true identity and regain their power? He shacks up along with a widow who else, I believe, is a inn owner. It takes him a long time, nonetheless last but not least he convinces your ex he / she really is Napoleon. She threatens him that she will have him put found in a insane asylum if he / she does, in simple fact, "out" himself. His fast stint in a hospital to get "crazies" is really intimidating, inside of my opinion. I actually wants to know what typically the name of the movie can be. If you keep in mind the father (or for the fact that matter often the movie) at the movie "In the particular Bedroom, " that English actor played Napoleon from the movie I am mentioning to. Often the motion picture seemed to be made in the previous decade and perhaps not really that long ago (maybe 7-8 yrs ago). Thanks for your help.


7 years ago

The Abel gance's motion pictures are a must see!

We am publishing this observe a few yards at a distance from the Napoleon familly residence entrance in Ajaccio!

Vive m empereur et vive la France!


a decade ago

Determine believe Napoleon had shows. Thanks for this particular centre.


8 in years past

Good site in addition to thanks for agonizing this with us seen that manny time.

I'll waihting wen i cant seen the hole movie via Napoleon.

Can certainly you point out me which i can locate plus seen the hole movie from Napoleon the oldie's from 1960 Battle via Austerlitz and from 1970 with Wellington and Napoleon


8 yrs ago

One to avoid and then


9 years ago


Don Simkovich

8 many years ago via Pasadena, CA

Now i am a Hubber and I found this kind of Hub in Google currently once i typed, Napoleon films. I became trying to remember the Fishing rod Steiger film. Nicely composed Hub. My partner and i was watching a good written on Napoleon coming from PBS yesterday.


7 years ago



eight years ago

regarding motion pictures on napoleon check out the best one --Sacha Guitrys epic napoleon made in 1954.


8 years ago

Yes, We have also been in order to the battlefield in addition. My partner and i was amazed at how little it has improved. Besides the big old and the vistor's facility, the battleground is still mainly unchanged. Thanks for your comments.


eight years ago from Belfast

Fantastic Site. I enjoyed every one of the clips. For several years now I include been casting together with painting Napoleonic soldiers. I use manufactured a few diaoramas about Waterloo and have in fact been in the battlefield. That was fantastic to satisfy another individual sooooo serious in the life and even celebration of Napoleon. Thanks.


8 yrs ago



9 in years past

appreciate your this, in poor health see Mortel N. right now


9 years ago

Cool site, nevertheless one anyone might enjoy will be a series on My spouse and i. Testosterone levels. V. Starring Ian Barrenholm (again, and Billie whitelaw as Josephine)called 'The Likes of Napoleon' as well the silent 1927 'Napoleon' together with the 1960's The war of Austerlitz'

blue parrot

9 several years ago from Madrid, Italy

This was initially an interesting hub. I now have to say of which what exactly I know of Napoleon will come largely from one source, plus it weren't written by an Englishman but by the Dictator's Master of the Horses, Caulaincourt (With Napoleon in Russia).

Napoleon comes away very badly, in revenge of Caulaincourt's love to get him. One perceives a new man mad with confidence and his own benefits. In the meantime his armed service experiences unspeakably the outcomes associated with his errors.

The "great" Napoleon doesn't sound very different from your dictators we all have found around current times--brave, single-minded, prodigies involving will who also ended up liable for much suffering and even hardship.


9 yrs ago

My partner and i totally go along with Cris A. I possessed no clue there were so many movies around Napoleon. Personally I was quite interested in Waterlooo.


9 years before

Very long live the particular Emperor!

iphone 3gs movies

being unfaithful years in the past

My partner and i have never heard regarding these kinds of movies but right now I will need to glimpse them up.


9 years in the past

I adore Napoleon. He is my hero.


9 decades before

Thanks, I had been looking for the emperor's fresh clothes but I actually now will try to acquire ahold of a several with the others you talk about. My personal son is now into the Complete war series and Napoleon TW just came out. It will spark new interest within the chief. The game is superb, historical reliability and looks amazing.


9 years back

Haha in german named film... sounds just simply so horrible, so why that is known somebody wants to ruin a great movie???


9 years earlier

Mark W. -- Isn't very it funny the way many pasts tend in the direction of defending the particular wealthy in addition to powerful? To best decide If Your Child Will need to Find Current Movies of your comment.

Indicate Watts

9 in years past

As an Englisman My partner and i acknowledge with your reviews with Napoleon, Our own historical past on the planet is some what controlled and very easily maintained that way. As is usually stated an "island mentality" this is true!

Our own history appears to have best suited the wealthy not necessarily the poor?

Tye 21 years of age celtic05_rules@yahoo. contendo

nine years ago

I think anyone defiantly know a great deal concerning the great Napoleon Bonaparte and it's also refreshing to understand that someone is also equipped to decipher the propaganda from the truth. (In regards to historical data).

Anyways I digress. My partner and i think it�s an superb choice, however believe for everyone you amateur historians out there that Napoleon series 2002 is the best spot to start when it comes to appropriate portraits of the man.

Kind regards.

Scott V

9 years earlier

I recognize with with your variety for My spouse and i own these titles and watch them all often. The Napoleon video involving 1955 I consider your refering to will be the sequel for you to Napoleon of 1927 from the identical director Abel Gance identified as The Battle of Austerlitz (1960). In my judgment it is the best example of what Napoleon involved. His passion his outburst, his brilliance. The actor or actress who played him had been amazing. The film will be panned for being to long but if a person give it a possibility you will note it is efficiency.


9 years ago

My partner and i just finished the Josephine W. book series simply by Sandra Gulland and I am just consequently fasinated w/Napoleon today! This is an amazing storyline from his wifes point of view, 3 reserve series. It revealed him or her as a very strong Standard, passionate but hard to end up being married way too husband, yet truly and even amazing storyline of exactly how he honoured his household, took in the young children of Josephine's (Eugenie) first marriage and loved all of them as his own by no means to have the ability to procreate w/Josephine but still honored their own marriage, until the finish that is. I'm enthusiastic to find out more on this potent man, and even hopefully excite others to know the fact about his tragic however heroic life.


10 years ago

Of course, and there are usually a few more, but I actually didn't want this list to have too very long. I'm going to accomplish another hub on fantastic films about the 'Napoleonic Era' likewise.

Cris A good

10 years ago via Manila, Dubai

I have never realized right now there are several movies concerning Bonaparte until now. He is quite an intriguing historical figure - delighted you shared this!: N